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General Knowledge History Geography Science 1v1 Duel Tournament Quiz for 200,000 questions across 1000+ topics...

Example of 1v1 Quiz Duel

QuizAx - Example of 1v1 Quiz Duel

Example of unlimited Quiz Tournament competition

QuizAx - Example of unlimited Quiz Tournament competition

Real-time quiz app game with Real people around the World!

QuizAx is the ultimate competition arena where knowledge is power, and every duel is a testament to one's intellectual prowess. Challenge real players from across the globe in real-time trivia battles, and rise as the ultimate multiplayer quiz champion.

Global Multiplayer Trivia Showdowns

Engage in gripping co-op battles with trivia enthusiasts from continents far and wide. Each battle becomes a test of general knowledge against genuine aficionados. Knowledge Face-Off With Friends & Family: Share the joy of multiplayer trivia. Step into the arena of "QuizAx," an exhilarating Intellectual Duel where minds clash in a battle of wits.

Diverse Categories & Infinite Challenges

Navigate the vast expanse of quiz topics — from history to science, arts to sports. Challenge your intellect and sate your curiosity. Daily general knowledge boost: Reignite your IQ every day with riveting challenges. Engage in Brain Battles with friends or compete with strangers.

Trivial Pursuit Game

Trivial Pursuit, the quintessential quiz game, turns every game night into an exciting journey through a world of fascinating facts and amusing anecdotes. Imagine the thrill as players race around the board, their minds buzzing with anticipation, answering questions like, 'What planet is known as the Red Planet?' (Mars), or 'Which artist painted the Mona Lisa?' (Leonardo da Vinci). Each colorful wedge represents a triumph in categories ranging from History to Sports, making every victory feel like a personal conquest of knowledge. It's not just a game; it's a lively test of wit and wisdom, where laughter and learning go hand in hand, creating unforgettable moments with friends and family.

Brain Game Matchup & Logic Combat!

More than a game, QuizAx strengthens your logic, lets you analyze intriguing statistics, and watch your knowledge metrics skyrocket with each session.

Deep-Dive Statistics & Analytics

Every intellectual contest contributes to your profile. Glean insights on accuracy, speed, and mastery over various quiz topics.

Here, trivia isn’t just a game — it's an electrifying journey of knowledge, logic, and intellect! Learn, Adapt & Grow: Faced with a challenging question combat? Dive into detailed explanations, unravel the underlying logic, and fortify your knowledge.

Duel With Friends & Family

Share the joy of multiplayer trivia with your loved ones. Create private lobbies, host spirited quiz competition nights, and make unforgettable memories as you discover who among you is the trivia titan.

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About QuizAx

Navigate the vast expanse of categories — general knowledge, history, geography, medicine, animals, anatomy, literature, science, art, movies, sports, space, and beyond.

Unleash your dueling potential as a VIP user with unlimited trivia duels and challenges with different people around the world! Break free from restrictions and engage in non-stop action as you challenge opponents without any limitations. With VIP status, there are no boundaries to your dueling adventures. Embrace the thrill of endless battles and prove your superiority in the ultimate dueling arena. Become a VIP to experience the limitless power of unlimited duels!

Unlock VIP status and enjoy an ad-free gaming experience! As a VIP player, you'll bypass those pesky ads and skip the frustrating 20-second waiting time between games. Dive straight into the action and maximize your gaming sessions with uninterrupted gameplay. Become a VIP and elevate your gaming experience today!
Experience VIP exclusivity with 30 daily personalized quiz questions across various topics in our application! Expand your knowledge and challenge yourself with unique trivia only available to VIP users. Unleash your intellect, explore diverse subjects, and embark on a daily journey of discovery as a VIP member.
Join the elite ranks of VIP users and make your mark in the global ratings! Compete in daily, weekly, and monthly challenges to showcase your skills and achievements to players worldwide. Stand tall on the leaderboards, earn recognition, and cement your legacy as a VIP user. Rise above the competition and let your name resonate throughout the gaming community!
Game with confidence knowing you have 24/7 trivia game support at your fingertips! Reach out to us anytime, day or night, for quick and reliable assistance. Our dedicated team is here to address your queries and ensure a smooth gaming experience. Play worry-free and explore the game's full potential with our round-the-clock support!
Experience the freedom of being a VIP user! Enjoy the perks of the VIP membership while having the flexibility to cancel your subscription anytime on Google Play or the App Store. No commitments, no hassle. Embrace the control to tailor your gaming experience to your liking as a VIP member.

What QuizAx Customer Says

App reviews from our users:

I'm absolutely loving my experience with QuizAx! As a VIP member, the ad-free environment and unlimited games make the experience truly top-notch. The competition is fierce and fun, especially playing with people from around the world.


I'm really enjoying QuizAx app! The variety of categories keeps me on my toes and makes every game interesting. The competition with real people an extra layer of excitement. The design is user-friendly and intuitive. It's a great way to challenge yourself and learn new things every day. Highly recommended to all trivia lovers out there!


QuizAx is such a fantastic game! It has an impressive array of questions that test your knowledge across a wide range of subjects. I love the interactive elements, especially how you can challenge a random opponents. Not only is it fun, but it's also a great educational tool. It's the perfect mix of entertainment and learning!


I'm thoroughly enjoying Quizax. What strikes me most is the comprehensive question bank that covers numerous topics, keeping me constantly engaged. The user interface is seamless, which is especially important to me as I'm fairly new to the digital world. I find it wonderful to compete with different people around the world and see who comes out on top. I can't recommend this game enough!


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